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Sal Brownfield’s work has been shown in galleries across the United States as well as in El Salvador and Italy and is in numerous private collections. Among his commissions: eight paintings based on creations myths for a United Nations Expo in Genoa; a painting of St. Francis for the Hermes family in Paris; a fifteen foot diptych working with twenty troubled boys for their locked-down treatment facility. Paintings from his series of twenty-one individuals impacted by breast cancer, A Celebration of Healing, hang in Emory’s Winship Cancer Center, surgeon’s offices and private collections. Much of his current work falls under the rubric of Testimony and Shelter. He has been a fellow at The Hambidge Center of Arts and Sciences, lectured at Emory University through the Art and Ethics program of the Center for Ethics, serves of the board of the Hudgens Center for the Arts, and received the Gwinnett ArtWorks Community Impact Award for Visual Artist.He is an associate member of Subud International Cultural Association.






Everywhere I look, everywhere I am, there is mystery and wonder.  I like to be surrounded by energy and action.

Making art is what I do to get closer to my experience of this improbable situation of being here, in this time and place, as a human being.

I paint and make things to see what my relationship to all this is, the people, the stuff, this event I’m a part of, the living experience.

In my painting I use a variety of styles. To me styles are like languages.  I think one language is better to write love poems and another better for philosophy. In the same way, I choose the styles best suited to my particular vision.

Making art is a series of actions that reduces options, therefore creating challenges. As the challenges are engaged and resolved,  they inform and enlighten the work.




One thought on “Bio

  1. Bobbie Menneg on said:

    Hi this is Bobbie Mennen, Gwinnett Medical Center in partnership with Paint Georgia Pink will be hosting a breast cancer walk on October 1st at the Gwinnett Braves Stadium. I would love to have a few of your portraits on display. Let me know your thoughts.

    Bobbie Mennen

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