Sal Brownfield Studio and Gallery


Artist’s Statement



Everywhere I look, everywhere I am there is mystery and wonder. Every place I am there is action and energy going on in and around me.

Making art is what I do to get closer to my experience of this improbable situation of being here, in this time and place, as a human being.

I paint and make things to see what my relationship to all this is, the people, the stuff, this event I’m a part of, the living experience.

In my painting I use a variety of styles. To me styles are like languages. I think one language better to write love poems and another better for philosophy. In the same way, I choose the styles best suited to my particular vision.

Making art is a series of actions that reduces options which  creates challenges. As the challenges are engaged and resolved,  they inform and enlighten the work.




One thought on “Artist’s Statement

  1. What a great artist’s statement Mr. Brownfield.

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