Sal Brownfield Studio and Gallery


Sculpture & Made Objects

Three Dolphins   SOLD                                                                                            

Laminated acrylic

34″h x 42″l x 38″w



Stick Pegasus  SOLD

Sticks, wire, gold leaf

62″h x 52″l x 26″w

IMG0004Pegasus of sticks


Music Room with Cello   SOLD

Wood, paper, army blanket, paint, string, gold leaf

42″h x 20″w x 6″d

IMG0065 music room construction


It’s in a Song   SOLD

Cardboard, canvas, paper, wire, paint

10″h x 8″w x 2″d










Creation Myth ( Genesis 1&2 )  SOLD

After my painting for the United Nations

Aluminum, masonite, steel rings, oil paint

10″h x 8″w x 3″d

IMG0067 creation construction


Keeping Chest, Barrow Bird    SOLD

Exterior: Oil paint, sticks, tiny bird figure, gold leaf on wood

Interior: Padded fabric, mirror, wooden egg

20″h x 10″w x 8″d


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