Sal Brownfield Studio and Gallery


Works on Paper


Blood of Eden

                                   Oil and shellac on paper on linen. Each panel 90″ x 69.75″

blood of eden

Note: Blood of Eden, each panel nearly 8′ long, and Logos, also nearly 8″ long, are extremely large works which is not reflected in relations to  other works on this page. 


shellac and oil on prepared paper.  68″ x 94″



Figure studies 1-4.  Chinese ink on litho paper.  32″ x 24″

Study 1                                                   Study 2    SOLD

 DIG2004080301-0048        DIG2004080301-0062

Study 3                                              Study 4

DIG2004080301-0056 DIG2004080301-0047









Bear    NFS

Ink on rag paper.  8″ x 5″

One of many similar size.

Bear w fish



Untitled Abstract                                                                               

Shellac and oil on treated paper.                                                      

100″ x 64″

Large abstract on paper









Heart of the Family

Acrylic and pastel on gatorboard

48″ x 40″

IMG0045 heart of the family


Lamentations Study  1 of many

Charcoal and pastel on arches paper.

8.5″ x 11″

available 3 on paper 



Pastel on treated cardboard.

42″ x 30″  SOLD

IMG0056 still life with pears (w.o.p.)

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